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ALC LeafletWith a microscopic budget, the Alternative Learning Community (ALC) came to us to design a brochure to sell their very special social training services.  ALC help everyone from disruptive and disengaged pupils to unemployed 19+ year olds, from parents unable to cope with their families, to the over 60s desperate to understand the modern world.

The brochure had to address different ages, sectors and needs always a challenge.  And because we’re so modest, we couldn’t possibly say what a good job we made for the ALC, but this is what the client said:

“May I just say how absolutely fantastic they look.  You’ve done an incredible job and whilst we thought they looked great all along, it's not until you see something in the flesh that you realise just how good they are!  They catch your eye at the outset with the boldness of colour but also look 'funky' and should reach out to everyone.  I just can't wait to start handing them out.”

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