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Sandi Turner

Project Manager

On arriving at dMC, the first thing Sandi did was to make a cup of really good strong tea. This endeared her to one and all and won her a permanent place in the office for as long as she cared to have it. The fact that she has worked in marketing for many years, has a keen eye for detail, is a superb and meticulous organizer, is supremely calm under pressure and has an immense and infectious enthusiasm for everything she does is also important, but frankly the tea comes first. She also has the neatest writing in the office, despite not having much competition on that front.

Outside of her role pretty much running all our projects and making sure we all do what we are supposed to be doing when we said we would, Sandi has a love of France (where she lived for a number of years), a passion for Renaissance art, an urge to take really rather impressive pictures (better than most of our freelance photographers) and a penchant for the ballet.

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