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dMC presents Flash+
dMC inspired to promote Flash+
Orchards Blossoms with dMC designs
Orchards blossoms with dMC designs
Invest Thames Gateway: Sector Specials
Invest Thames Gateway – Sector Specials
Happy 25th Birthday BMT Group
Happy 25th birthday BMT Group!
Solent Design Awards - getting a high media profile
Solent Design Awards - getting a high media profile
SECBE: Building a new market
SECBE: Building a new market
ME Afrikiyah: The online presence of a new third world entrepreneurship consultancy
ME Afrikiyah: The online presence of a new third world entrepreneurship consultancy
Let the clever fish sell it
BMT - A 25th Birthday Advertisement
Student Experiences...
So pleased was the University of Hertfordshire with our design for their Corporate Strategy Report, that we were asked to develop a ‘family’ of strategies to complement it.
Multi Audience, Single Solutions
With a microscopic budget, the Alternative Learning Community (ALC) came to us to design a brochure to sell their very special social training services.
PUSH for top design
PUSH for top design
Oh, and P's, Promotional Postcards Are Us!
Although dMC have used social media networks with great success over the past year, there are times when it’s important to have your direct call to action in print.
Logistics and Leadership
Because of the success of our work for Invest Thames Gateway, dMC was asked to design and produce a promotional folder on the Ports and Logistics within the region.
Desert Sell-Out
A PR campaign was required to spread the good news when SECBE launched the UK Construction Consortium to help British companies identify and bid for work in Libya.
Fast Track to Gaining Recognition
HR strategy and development consultants, Cullen Scholefield, had already asked us to use our design genius but when they realised our PR prowess, we were briefed to ensure their skills were seen in the right specialist and regional media as well as social networks.
People, Performance, Progress
The challenge to dMC from HR strategy and development consultants Cullen Scholefield was to make something very simple from something very complex.
dMC goes Global
dMC goes Global
The Vice Chancellor’s Credentials
The University of Hertfordshire is recruiting its new Vice Chancellor and needed a top quality design,the University turned to dMC to deliver.
Going for the Wind
SEEDA/UKTI and EnviroBusiness needed a new marketing package to promote the investment potential of the offshore energy business in South East England.
University Challenge: Communicating a strategy
It was a first class assignment for us from the University of Hertfordshire to design their Strategic Plan 2010-2015. Prestige was essential
If only: Brainwaving for BMT
British Marine Technologies decided to celebrate its 25th birthday by inviting the talented engineers they employ to design some life changing development projects
ExcellenSE: Design for the designers
dMC has just completed the latest edition of ExcellenSE, the magazine for South East Excellence
Invest Thames Gateway: “Smart Connections”, smart design
Invest Thames Gateway: “Smart Connections”, smart design
SEEDA Summary Annual Report: Brief but brilliant
SEEDA Annual Review: Brief but brilliant
UKTI South East Annual Report
“It’s not a big budget, we need it in three weeks and online and in print.” That’s what UKTI wanted, and that’s what we did
Invest Thames Gateway, marketing collateral
We were delighted to be asked by Invest Thames Gateway to produce a suite of marketing material to support their promotional activity.
Gatwick Diamond Website
dMC has been helping the Gatwick Diamond Initiative to re-invent their website.
Sowing Seeds in the Grounds for Optimism
dMC was delighted to work with the Solent Centre for Architecture + Design on the media relations programme for the Grounds for Optimism project.
Business Link - I'm a Celebrity Entrepreneur
Business Link - I'm a Celebrity Entrepreneur
dMC design latest FOCUS magazine for BMT
dMC has built on the re-design (launched in the previous issue) to produce another contemporary and imaginative magazine.
dMC wins Places from Spaces
Places from Spaces is a programme to promote new skills and new approaches to create exciting public spaces like town centre squares or piazzas.
dMC designs South East's 2012 Logo
We were honoured to be asked to design the logo for South East Partnership for the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.
dMC creates a new look for Reed Elsevier
Elsevier a major brand in the publishing business, producing some very learned books. They came to us and said: "Please give our brand a fresh look".

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